"Nicolas Navet - Automotive embedded systems handbook.pdf"

Nicolas Navet

"Automotive embedded systems handbook"

"Nicolas Navet - Automotive embedded systems handbook.pdf"

Nicolas Navet - Automotive embedded systems handbook.pdf

Автор(ы):Nicolas Navet
Формат файла:pdf
Год издания:2008
Издательство:CRC Press
Язык книги:EN
Скачано раз:178
Размер файла:7 951 146

The objective of the Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook is to provide a comprehensive overview about existing and future automotive electronic systems. The distinctive features of the automotive world in terms of requirements, technologies, and business models are highlighted and state-of-the-art methodological and technical solutions are presented in the following areas:
• In-vehicle architectures
• Multipartner development processes (subsystem integration, product line management, etc.)
• Sofware engineering methods
• Embedded communications
• Safety and dependability assessment: validation, verifcation, and testing.
Te book is aimed primarily at automotive engineering professionals, as it can serve as a reference for technical matters outside their feld of expertise and at practicing
or studying engineers, in general. On the other hand, it also targets research scientists, PhD students, and MSc students from the academia as it provides them with a
comprehensive introduction to the feld and to the main scientifc challenges in this domain.

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